1. I (Free Download)

  2. Zombie Head
    JB Nelson

  3. A Taste Of Cheap Wine (Free Compilation)
    Various artitsts

  4. Pigeon Petal (Free Download)
    Pigeon Petal

  5. Undead at Night
    Longshot Nelson and the Disjoints

  6. Pay Me Good
    Sleepy Eyes Nelson

  7. 4 - Way Split (Free Download)
    Mussy Cluves, Roberto LeBlanc, Slate Dump, The God Channel

  8. Pigeon Petal & JB Nelson - Split (Free Download)
    Pigeon Petal & JB Nelson

  9. Made Out Of Gold
    JB Nelson

  10. Teeth Marks On Your Brain (Free Download)
    Longshot Nelson and The Disjoints

  11. A JB Nelson Collection
    JB Nelson

  12. Lost - (Free Download)
    C.J. Marie

  13. Talking in Tongues (FREE Download)
    The God Channel

  14. Coming For Your Blood (Free Download)
    Longshot Nelson and the Disjoints

  15. Dead Coats - Part One
    JB Nelson

  16. Sleepy Eyes Nelson & Slate Dump Live at Rudyard's Pub, Houston,Texas (FREE Download)
    Sleepy Eyes Nelson & Slate Dump

  17. Roberto LeBlanc (Free Download)
    Roberto LeBlanc

  18. Busy With The Blues
    Sleepy Eyes Nelson

  19. A Letter To My Enemies
    JB Nelson

  20. Memphis Women Don't Wear No Shoes (Free Download)
    Slate Dump

  21. Sleepy Eyes Nelson and Slate Dump Live on KAOS Radio, Austin, Texas (Free Download)
    Sleepy Eyes Nelson and Slate Dump

  22. Covered In Blues (Free Download)
    Sleepy Eyes Nelson and Slate Dump

  23. Buried (Free Download)
    JB Nelson

  24. Covered In Blues Vol. 2 (Free Download)
    Sleepy Eyes Nelson and Slate Dump

  25. Danger of Death (Free Download)
    JB Nelson and Static Goat

  26. The Reverse Cowgirls & Sleepy Eyes Nelson - Split Single (Free Download)
    Reverse Cowgirls; Sleepy Eyes Nelson

  27. Animal Index - Flesh
    JB Nelson

  28. Trouble Comes Around (Free Download)
    Sleepy Eyes Nelson & C.J. Marie

  29. Empty Pockets (Free Download)
    Sleepy Eyes Nelson

  30. God Channel (Free Download)
    The God Channel

  31. Weeping Willows (Free Download)
    JB Nelson

  32. Unhealthy Songbook
    Sleepy Eyes Nelson

  33. Added To The Headstone
    JB Nelson and Mussy Cluves

  34. The Hairy Tree (Free Download)
    Longshot Nelson and the Disjoints

  35. Animal Index - Bone (Free Download)
    JB Nelson

  36. Where The Town Ends
    Sleepy Eyes Nelson

  37. One Man Lock In
    Sleepy Eyes Nelson

  38. Dead Coats - Part 2 (Free Download)
    JB Nelson

  39. Build That Coffin Of Mine
    Sleepy Eyes Nelson


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